TicToc Ventures and Angelene Sun’s first launch: a co-branded collection with Larsson & Jennings, now introduced to Chinese consumers
January 6, 2022

Announced last September, Angelene Sun’s first co-branded collection with Larsson & Jennings was introduced to her over 350,000 followers just before New Year’s Eve. 

On 29th December, this first collaboration with the Swedish-British brand was introduced for a pre-sale period through the major Chinese social media RED and WeChat. In the coming weeks, the collection will be introduced via a roadshow of events, starting with an official launch pop-up event at a multi-brand designer boutique chain at Shanghai’s newly opened Taikoo Li Qiantai, where powerhouses Louis Vuitton and Dior, amongst many others, are opening new concept flagship stores these coming weeks.  Other Influencers will join this livestream O2O event. 

“We are happy to have launched our very first co-branded collection in such a short time.  Less than 4 months, from agreement to reaching consumers, is a true team achievement.  It is thanks to the full support from our team, our shareholders, Aventura Group and Belton, and especially Angelene and Larsson & Jennings’ commitment to this co-created collection.  We already see that our bracelets and necklaces are the most popular products, and we are excited with what the new year will bring as we roll out our marketing and sales activities”, comments Jeffery Wang, Co-founder & Managing Director at TicToc Ventures.   


About Larsson & Jennings 

Larsson & Jennings is a Swedish-British brand founded in 2012. With London as a base, the company sells exclusive own designed watches, jewelry, and sunglasses to men and women. By taking inspiration from both Sweden and the UK, the brand combines classic, timeless design with a sustainable approach. Presently the largest markets are the UK and US, and with the agreement with TicToc Ventures, the brand now enters China. 

To learn more about Larsson & Jennings, please visit: www.larssonjennings.com 


About Angelene Sun  

Angelene Sun, also known by her social handle @安吉林Angelene, is a new generation Key Opinion Leader who is experiencing rapid growth and has gained a loyal following in the last one and a half years. With more than 350,000 followers across domestic social channels, she is equally committed to her influencer career as her more “traditional” full-time career in the fashion industry. She worked as a senior manager at the luxury fashion platform, Farfetch before joining TicToc Ventures. 

To learn more about Angelene Sun, please search on Xiaohongshu/RED: 安吉林Angelene and LinkedIn: Angelene Sun 


About TicToc Ventures 
TicToc Ventures is a one-stop incubator and accelerator for influencer brands. The company aims to unleash the full market potential of influencers by helping them launch collections and brands under their own names, transforming influence to tangible and scalable impact. Having full access to Aventura’s and Belton’s resources and industry expertise, TicToc Ventures creates a sustainable growth model by providing influencers one-stop integrated services that include financial planning, business and brand strategies, product design and development, marketing and e-commerce, community strategy, supply chain management, customer support and logistics. To get more information about TicToc Ventures, please visit https://tictoc.ventures/