TicToc Ventures signs Victoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale as its first international KOL
December 2, 2021

TicToc Ventures has signed an exclusive, strategic partnership with the Swedish-Australian Victoria Secret model and actress Kelly Gale. TicToc Ventures enters into a long-term partnership with Kelly Gale that includes building her brand in China using local social media and strategic brand collaborations. The collaboration is also part of the planned launch of the Shewy brand in China, for which Aventura Group has signed an LOI in August.

Kelly Gale is gaining more attention than ever. It was recently announced that she debuts in her first Hollywood movie The Plane with Scottish actor Gerald Butler. Based in Los Angeles, Kelly has about 1.5 million followers on Instagram and 90,000 subscribers on YouTube, placing her as a prominent influencer in Europe. Besides being a model, Hollywood star and influencer, Kelly Gale is also co-founder and global ambassador for Shewy, an up-and-coming food-tech/lifestyle brand. The purpose of this partnership with TicToc Ventures is to build her impact on the Chinese audience.

“We are excited to launch Kelly Gale’s social media platforms in China. It is a market we have been looking at for a while now but given the differentiation between Western and Chinese social media ecosystems we wanted to take this step once the right partner was in place”, comments Orlando John, Kelly Gale’s Manager.



It is a growing trend that foreign artists and influencers are getting more active in the Chinese market through Chinese social media. Influencers such as Pamela Reigh have recently built up a strong follower base and become influential in China.

With one billion Internet users, China is the world’s largest online market, and the value for China’s e-commerce market is worth more than US and EU combined. TicToc Ventures’ business model is to be the natural link between the Chinese consumer market and influencers, both local and international.

“The vision of TicToc Ventures is being a true business partner with influencers so that personal influence transcends and extends to brands and even large-scale enterprises. Partnership with Kelly Gale and Orlando is one of our key strategic actions to make this vision a reality.” Comments Jeffery Wang, Managing Director & Co-founder of TicToc Ventures.

“We are very happy to work with Kelly and her team to introduce her to the Chinese market. We see this as a long-term partnership where several interesting collaborations and activities are happening.” comments Johan Aledal, CCO with Aventura Group.


About TicToc Ventures

TicToc Ventures is a one-stop incubator and accelerator for influencer brands. The company aims to unleash the full market potential of influencers by helping them launch collections and brands under their own names, transforming influence into tangible and scalable impact. With full access to the resources and industry expertise of its shareholders Aventura Group and Belton China Ltd, a watches and fashion jewelry manufacturer, TicToc Ventures creates a sustainable growth model by providing influencers one-stop integrated services that include financial planning, business and brand strategies, product design and development, marketing and e-commerce, community strategy, supply chain management, customer support and logistics.

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